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Welcome to my personal portal dedicated to Linux/GNU software. I have created these pages as a way of keeping organized important resources about Linux/GNU. However, I hope that you can also find these pages useful. Please send me your comments or feedback to

My Linux History

Although I am not sure when was the first time I used Linux, I definitely had it installed on my computer in the beginning of the 1999 year. The beginning was not easy because of my complete lack of experience with UNIX-like operating systems, missing hardware drivers and my very limited understanding of English written texts at the time. In spite of these obstacles, Linux operating system influenced me so much that during the autumn 2001, I have completely switched to Linux on all of my computers and do not regret a thing. Well, maybe that I should have switched sooner :). The first Linux distribution I tried was RedHat (probably ver. 5.0). I have been using and managing various versions of RedHat since. Meanwhile, I have also tested Suse Linux, Debian and several small distributions. In spring 2003, a review of source based distribution called Sorcerer caught my eye and I almost immediately decided to compile my own operating system. Ever since, I am fascinated by the total control and ease of administration provided by this ingenious distribution (follow this link if you want to learn more about Sorcerer) so I have installed it on all of my computers. Apart from managing Linux OS on several workstations and servers (x86 architecture), I have installed Linux on several laptops.

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