Laptop HOWTOs

These HOWTOs collect my experience with installing Linux on several laptops. I will gladly include your comments to make these pages more useful for people seeking information about Linux on their laptops. If you are looking for a specific laptop model not mentioned here, I recommend visiting TuxMobil which is the site dedicated to Linux on mobile computers.

Laptops that I have installed Linux on:
Manufacturer Model Linux Distribution(s) Installed
MSI MS-1012 (S260) Sorcerer
Sony Vaio PCG-FX270K RedHat 7.3, 8.0; Sorcerer
Sony Vaio PCG-VX88P Sorcerer
Sony Vaio PCG-Z1VAP1 Sorcerer
Sony Vaio PCG-Z505HE RedHat 7.3; Sorcerer
Sony Vaio VGN-B100B Sorcerer